Npower Batch C Stipend News Today 2021 (Nov)- Payment Date for N-power Batch C beneficiaries

Npower Batch C Stipend News Today 2021- Payment Date for N-power Batch C beneficiaries

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Joberplanet report that the N-power Payroll menu is already in NASIMS Dashboard. It is no longer news that batch c beneficiaries are expecting their first monthly stipends for the fg npower program. Due to the official declaration by the Ministry that the Official commencement of the Batch C Stream 1 Npower Programme is 4th October, 2021, the  npower batch c payment date would be by the end of October, 2021.The clamour for receiving the first Stipend by the Stream 1 beneficiaries of the Batch C Npower Programme have intensified following the official commencement of the Programme in October, 2021. The programme officially commenced on 4th October, 2021, as the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development quells the request by the new Beneficiaries of the Npower programme that September Stipend should be paid.

Npower Batch C Stipend News Today 2021 (October, September Stipend)

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Npower Payment Commencement Date For Batch C

Payment of stipend will commence soon, as process that ensures payment of eligible Beneficiaries are almost concluded.
However, payroll tab has been added on NASIMS self service portal and will be made accessible upon conclusion.

All batch c npower beneficiaries may also like to apply for latest federal government grant for undergraduates and graduates termed CBN Tertiary Institutions Entrepreneurship Scheme. The CBN Tertiary Institutions Entrepreneurship Scheme (TIES) aims to provide an innovative financing model that will boost job creation, enhance entrepreneurship development, and support economic growth.

How Npower Stipend Is Processed

Npower Stipend does spill over the following Month due to processing cycle of the stipends after it’s been approved by the Ministry. The Npower Beneficiaries stipend is obviously paid using the Government Integrated Financial Management Information System server (GIFMIS Server) controlled by the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation.

The Ministry towards the end of every month, would prepare names of Npower beneficiaries who are due to be paid at the end of a particular month. That would include a documented report on the amount to be paid to the eligible beneficiaries for the completed month.

After then, the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation would commence the Payment after all the approved beneficiaries’ details have been successfully fed into the payment Server.

In the real essence, the processing cycle does cross the first week of the following month. Hence, the payment date for the Batch C Stream 1 N-power Programme would be from 1st November, 2021 to 10th November, 2021.

Provided all things being equall, all the Beneficiaries would recieve their payments on the same day, but most a times technical hitches would result in some beneficiaries not being paid on

Questions Beneficiaries Ask Concerning Stipend

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