How To Check Your NPower NASIMS Verification/Enrollment Status

All npower batch C shortlisted follow this Steps To Check Your N-Power NASIMS Verification/Enrollment Status.

steps to check your N-Power verification/enrollment status:

1) All N-Power Batch C applicants are to visit the
2) All N-Power Batch C applicants are to login into the NASIMS/N-Power portal with the email you used for N-Power registration or your N-Power Application ID
3) Once the N-Power Batch C applicant is logged in to the N-Power/NASIMS portal, click the “verification” tab just underneath your N-Power profile to view your N-Power enrollment status, you should see a congratulatory message, with a fingerprint enrollment image. If you saw a blank page please continue trying as this might be due to quality of browser being used or network issues.
4) N-Power Batch C applicants should activate the “capture fingerprint enrollment” tab feature, please note if your smart phone do not have the fingerprint hardware and software please visit the nearest cybercafe to activate and complete the fingerprint biometric enrollment.
If an N-Power Batch C volunteer is told to check back later, the N-Power Batch C volunteer should not panic, as the N-Power/NASIMS portal is still uploading the software as the N-Power shortlisting process is ongoing and will gradually come up with records of successful N-Power Batch C applicants.


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