Fg Gives Update On Nexit Portal For Beneficiaries Unable To Register Or Complete Registration

The Nexit portal was launched by the federal government to ensure proper transition of Npower batch A and B Beneficiaries into other meaningful adventures. Since the announcement of this portal, by the minister of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development, Sadiya Umar, last year 2020, many beneficiaries of the program have not been able to register or complete their N-exit portal registration due one problem or the other.

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This post will address the issue of n-exit registration and how to successfully complete  the registration if you are yet to do so.

Npower Nexit Portal Announcement

This is to inform all Batch A and B N-Power Volunteers who are yet to register or complete their registration on NEXIT portal to follow the instructions below carefully:
1. For new registration, please visit the NEXIT Portal at https://nexit-fmhds.cbn.gov.ng
2. To make a new registration please go to Sign Up Here.
3. Please enter the email address used in your journey as an N-Power Beneficiary.
4. Please create and enter a new password for your registration access to the portal.
5. Repeat the same password to confirm it (please keep your passwords confidential).
6. Please enter your first name as registered in your N-Power profile.
7. Please enter your surname as registered in your N-Power profile.
8. Please enter your BVN.
9. Please agree to the terms and policy.
10. Submit your registration information with the submit button.
11. You will be redirected to an email activation page. Please re-enter your email address and click on the Resend Activation Mail button.
12. A mail will be sent to your inbox after some minutes. Go to your email address and click on the link sent to your mail to activate your account (if needed please check your email spam box).
13. Please re-login into the NEXIT portal with your email and password using the Sign in button.
14. After you login, click on UPDATE RECORD to complete the questionnaire by answering all questions and make your submission.
That’s all.

Nexit Portal Email Activation 

For those who have registered earlier but yet to receive email should follow the steps below to solve the n-exit email activation issue. Click on the activation link below:
Please re-enter your email address and click on the Resend Activation Mail button.
Then follow the instructions on number 12 to 14 above..