Step to Confirm if Biometric Enrolment Is Successful For NPower Batch C

The Npower Batch C are advised to confirm if their Biometric Finger Print enrollment is successful. Those selected for the programme as this will be a screening criterion to get the first stream of 500,000 candidates to be deployed for the progrmame. How you did yours will determine if you will be selected. Here this post will tell you if you did the data capture successfully or not so read more below.

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In this post also, you will get the latest update and information about NPower Batch C Verification and deployment updates. All this can be understood more if you check the NASIMS login portal always.

Note that applicants who did not enroll and capture successfully his/her biometrics in the NASIMS portal won’t be deployed as an Npower Batch C beneficiary.

We have received numerous requests from applicants, looking for legit information on how to confirm if their biometric enrolment was successful.


How to Confirm if Your NPower Batch C Biometric Enrolment was Successful

For most of you who experienced some difficulties while doing your Npower biometric enrolment and were not sure if your Fingerprints were successfully captured, here is a step by step procedures on how to check your Npower Batch C Biometric Enrollment status.

  • Visit
  • Login with your Email or Application ID and Password
  • Click on “Verification” to confirm if your biometric is successful

If your Fingerprint Biometric Enrolment was done successfully, it will show “FINGERPRINT CAPTURED” and a sign like this ✔

Most people have been saying all you need is your Right Thumb, Right Index, Left Thumb and Left Index. So long you did capture your Fingerprint and you were shown successful, you are goo to go!

Remember, the biometric date enrolment for NPower batch C applicants is just to verify some of your details and confirm it with your BVN and other details you have enter on the NASIMS portal during your registration exercise.

How can I check my Biometric Enrolment status on my Nasims dashboard?

You can simply check for your Biometric Enrollment status by login into your NASIMS dashboard with your email address and password. Click on the verification icon and you will see a picture of your enrolment displayed in front of you like the one shown here on the post heading profile.

Is Fingerprint Capturing the same as Biometric Enrolment?

A lot of applicants have continued to confuse these two items. They both means the same thing and it is deem the last stage of screening for all Npower Batch C applicants to be admitted into the programme.