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WAEC Government Questions and Answers 2021, (100%) Real WAEC Government 2021 objective and theory answers (Expo) for West African Examinations Council (May/June) 2021. WAEC Government objective and theory answers For you to have good WAEC result in Government examination as well as repeated questions for free in this post. You will also understand how WAEC (Physics) Government questions are set and how to answer them. The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is an examination board established by law to determine the examinations required in the public interest in the English-speaking West African countries, to conduct the examinations and to award certificates comparable to those of equivalent examining authorities internationally. Click Here To See the question paper.

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section A
(i) Freedom of the press: The radio, newspaper and television should be free to write and Express issues without any hindrance.
(ii) Political parties: Where democracy is operational, there are more than one political party with different individuals competing for power.
(iii) Political liberty: it is an indispensable factor, the equal rights of all normal adults to vote and to stand as candidates for election, periodic elections and equal eligibility for political offices etc.
(iv) Value of individual personality: In democracy, the belief in the value of individual personality is restored. It implies the need to respect the other man,to listen to his arguments and to take account his point of view
(v) Free association and group: People should be able yo choose their own candidates or support political parties without being intimidated. Citizens can form parties and canvass for support for their programmes.
(i)Public Opinion Serves as the Foundation of Democracy: Sovereignty of the people, which is the very basis of democracy, really means supremacy of the public opinion. In every democracy, the government and its policies are continuously based on public opinion. The government remains in power so long as it is backed by public opinion.
(ii)Public Opinion is a Device of Effective Control Over the Government: Public opinion is the most effective instrument of control over the government. The government is really responsible to public opinion.
(iii)Public Opinion Determines Election Results: In every election only that political party wins which enjoys the support of public opinion. The political party which gets the popular mandate to rule has to exercise power only in tune with public opinion. It has to go out of power when public opinion turns against it.
(iv)Public Opinion is a Major Source of Law:
The laws passed by the government are in-fact based upon public demands i.e. demands backed by public opinion. Hence, public opinion is a source of law.
(v)Public Opinion is the Real Sanction Behind Law: Not only public opinion is a source of law but also it is an important sanction behind law. Only those laws get successfully implemented and produce desired results, which are backed by public opinion.
2.separation of powers
3.rule of law
4.consent of the governed
5.rights of the minority.



Section B*
i.The federal system of government introduced by the Constitution seemed to have disregarded an important federal principle, to the effect that “it is undesirable that one or two units should be so powerful as to be able to override the will of the federal government to themselves.
ii. The enormous powers granted to the federal parliament during an emergency meant that any region which exercised its executive authority to obstruct the Federal Government might be sanctioned.
iii. A glance at the distribution of powers between the central government and the regional governments showed that the Federal Government was more powerful than the regional governments.
iv. The Constitution failed to specify the number of ministers to be appointed and, whether or not their appointment should reflect the federal character of Nigeria.
V. The constitution succeeded only in granting political independence to Nigeria but failed to address important political issues such as the minority problem and the political integration of the country.
(i) Military and technical aid: Some former colonial territories especially the French territories, receives military and technical aid from their former colonial masters
(ii)common language: Colonialism promoted the development of common languages among the colonial territories. English was developed and spoken in British territories while French developed in French territories.
(iii)Development of political parties: One of the positive impact of colonialism in British and French West Africa was the development of political parties. Many of these political parties emerged to champion the struggle for political independence.
(iv)Common wealth: This organisation was formed to bring together all former colonies under Britain and Britain itself. They cooperate among themselves in different areas of human endeavour eg sports ,scholarship programme etc.
(v)Emergency of the press: Another positive impact of colonialism was the emergence of the press,especially the print media (Newspaper). The press developed and became the mouthpiece of the people in the struggle for political independence.
(i)The Oba.
(iii)The Ogboni.
(i)Control of the King
At the top of the Yoruba political structure was the king, called the Alaafin. He was vested with most of the powers of the state and this included both the political and spiritual powers. There were three assistants who were in charge of the king’s administration. They were, Ona Efa, the Empires Chief Justice, the Otun Efa, the head of the Sango shrine and the Osi Efa, the controller of the palace finances. The head of the Council of Chiefs, the Bashorun, had the power to dethrone the king if the people lost confidence in him
(ii)Control of the Aremo
The Aremo was the first son of the king. In the event of the demise of the Alaafin, the Aremo was the one to step into his shoes. At a point in the history of the Yoruba, it was realized that the Aremo were assassinating their fathers so that they could sit on the throne. It was, therefore, decreed that whenever the king died the Aremo must commit suicide. This was the check the killing of the kings before their natural term.
(iii)Control of the Bashorun
The Bashorun was controlled by the Ogboni which was a gathering of the representatives of the various lineages. The Bashorun was appointed upon the approval of the Ogboni. The king or Alaafin could use the Ogboni to control excesses of the Oyomesi (Council of Prominent Chiefs) headed by the Bashorun
(iv)Control of the army and their Commander
The Army Commander was answerable to the Alaafin and the Bashorun. The army officers were appointed by the Alaafin but their promotions were carried out by the Oyomesi. If the army commander lost a war, he was expected to commit suicide or go into exile


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