Urgent Recruitment For Abuja based Temporary Coordinator – No Qualification required – N130,000/month

We are a creative agency based in the United Kingdom and have recently launched an online advertising campaign in Nigeria to recruit talented artists/painters for a YouTube channel we are starting. Over 2000 Nigerian candidates applied via Africasuperjob.com and we have made the final selections.

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We are looking for a male / female Coordinator / Supervisor. This an exciting and diverse role working with the selected artists that live in or near Abuja.

Job Position: Coordinator / Supervisor

Location: Abuja – FCT

Gender: Male / Female

Employment Type: Temporary

About the Job

This is a remote position, which means you work from home apart from when you need to drive to meet the artists we work with, coordinate between them and the partners we work with and the charities we donate paintings to. You, therefore, need a car with a valid driving license. You will be refunded for the fuel costs, as there might be a lot of driving.

This is an operational hands-on role, overseeing many aspects of our project. The position does not require any particular qualification. However, you need to have excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to act with initiative. You are able to plan, prioritize and monitor your own and others’ workload to meet deadlines.

Qualifications for us are secondary
This job is well paid because we need an exceptional individual with high situational judgment skills, a positive mental attitude, and a warm friendly persona, who will be able to motivate and enable our artists to complete challenging work over long hours.

This will truly be unlike any other job experience. This is a temporary mission lasting one month but could lead to a longer-term position.

Your safety
You need to stay safe at all times. If you are a woman and believe you will be more safe being accompanied by someone you know (friend or family member), feel free to do so. We will pay them for the hours they accompany you.

Your mission:

Art Donations to charities
Most of our income will be generated from the sales of canvas prints. A canvas print is a reproduction (through high-quality printing) of the paintings created by our artists onto a stretched canvas. The prints can also be stretched onto a frame. We invite you to google “canvas prints” to know more about this.

We have decided to donate the original paintings (painted by our artists) to Abuja (or near Abuja) based charities. There are foundations in the United Kingdom such as artfund.org or studioupstairs.org.uk that collect original paintings for charitable endeavors. Since there is not a similar charity in Nigeria, we will need you to make a list of local charities, non-profits, or organizations that may benefit from getting some of our paintings. You will then call or visit them to ask if they could benefit from getting some of the paintings and how might it help them. You will then need to regularly collect the paintings from our Abuja-based artists and deliver them personally.

Photography Studio Selection and Supervision
As indicated above, most of our income will be generated from the sales of canvas prints. To make good prints, we need a high-resolution picture for each one of our paintings. You will need to find a photography studio in Abuja that can take high-quality pictures (or photos) for artwork printing. They will not be the ones printing the artwork. They need to take the photos with a high-resolution camera, appropriate lighting, good placement and provide us with high-resolution digital files we can later use.

You will need to request quotes and visit those studios to assess their capacity to take those pictures. There is a specific process explained on a YouTube video on how to photograph artwork efficiently. You will need to share this process with the photographer and make sure that it is followed. You don’t need any knowledge in photography to do so. The digital files then need to be uploaded to our Google Drive. We will need you to personally collect the paintings from our artists, bring those to the photography studio, make sure the process is followed, and finally donate them to the charities we have selected.

Workstations Setup
You will need to visit the artists at their workspace (they work from home or their studio) to see what they might need to complete their job efficiently. From light fixtures to quality canvas, the project won’t be successful unless they have the materials needed to complete the work. You might go to the art store with them to buy what they need. Or they might need new sim cards with unlimited data (to upload videos). We will provide you with the money required to buy what they need. Before applying, please visit the YouTube channels named Wow Art and Serena Art as they are similar to what we want to make in our new YouTube channel. Please also visit the Africasuperjob.com website to find out more about what our project is about.

We will show you a demo video (that we filmed with another artist who makes similar videos) that shows in detail how the artists need to set up their workstation for this type of video, the stand where to place their smartphone (everything is filmed through their smartphone camera). You don’t need to be a painter or artist to understand the process and make sure it is followed.

Artist Supervision
The artists we selected are some of the best artist painters in the country. We are very fortunate to have found them. Not only, were they selected out of over 2000 applicants, but they have also shown great skill and motivation during the recruitment process. They fully deserve the salary we are going to pay them. They will be paid around N300,000/month as base payment with the possibility of earning up to N1million/month with a commission on sales of canvas prints based on their artwork. Most of them are under 30. But this is still a new job for them and even with technology, we are not able to supervise their work as we are based in the United Kingdom. We need you to supervise their work and report any issues that may arise. This is a great responsibility to have and possibly unlike anything you have done in your lifetime.

So that’s about it about the job.

Again, your safety
You need to stay safe at all times. If you are a woman and believe you will feel more safe being accompanied by someone you know (friend or family member), feel free to do so. We will pay them for the hours they accompany you.

The job starts now.

Please take the time to read everything and apply as soon as possible. The job will start as soon as you are hired so you need to be available to start immediately.

Please click here to visit our website where you can apply