N-Power Physical Verification To Take Place Before Deployment And Not Vice Versa

N-Power Physical Verification venue and update are now available on the NASIMS online portal. This is contrary to the belief of N-Power Batch C applicants who have been making the error of saying that there will not be physical verification, please I repeat although some processes have changed from the previous process used in engaging N-Power Batch A and B, but the template still remains the same.

Please there will be phyiscal verification of Npower Batch C applicants, anyone telling you that there will be no physical verification the person might just be decieving you, it is not done anywhere, engaging an applicant without physically verifying the applicant.

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Currently as we speak some N-Power Batch C applicants are beginning to see their physical verification details and address on the N-Power NASIMS portal.

Please note every documentation process requires you to take all your documents uploaded on the N-Power NASIMS portal, original and photocopies plus passport picture, after the N-Power physical verification and the N-Power Batch C applicants is successfully verified, then the N-Power Batch C applicant will proceed to his or her PPA with your deployment letter, it is at your PPA or at the local District whichever the case maybe that you will be given either acceptance or rejection form, all forms must be duly endorsed by the assigned authorised personnel on site, after endorsement the N-Power Batch C applicants is to resume on or before the third day of receiving his or her engagement letter.