JAMB Chemistry Question 2021 From Today’S JAMB Examination

If 93cm3 of SO2 diffuses in 16s. How long will it take the same volume of H2S to diffuse
2. Silicon is used to remove…. from roasted copper ore
3.Questions on organic chemistry were also asked. which of the following can be used to differentiate the two compounds above.
4.Name the hydrocarbon above
5. The phenomenon which makes makes Na to have an atomic mass of… and Mg to have an atomic mass of ….. is …
6The energy needed to be overcome for reaction to take place is ….
June 19th,2021 Jamb chemistry

1. Electrovalent compounds are solid at room temperature because?
Ans: because they have high melting point
2. Which of these has a double bond?
a)butane b)methane c)acetylene d)butene
3. (Write the Equilibrium constant be for a reaction i.e Product/reactants blah blah blah)
4. Which of these is used in the production of paper?
a) Caramel b) Cellulose
5. KClO3 —-> O2 …
The function of MnO2 is …
Ans: Catalyst
6. The relative atomic mass of Sodium and Magnesium are 22.9898 and 24.312 respectively… The reason for this is???
Ans: Isotopy
7. Elements undergo reaction to ?
Ans: Achieve stable configuration
8. (Structure of an alkanal and alkanone) – which of these is used to distinguish between these two?
Ans: Fehling’s solution.
9. Calculations involving Electrolysis (Q=IT) and Faraday’s constant
10. Temporary hardness is removed by?
a) Ca(OH)2 b) NaOH c)Na2CO3 d) CaCO3
11. Something about use of Oxygen in Iron extraction
12. Silica is added roasted copper to form ?? (In the extraction of copper)
13. The monomer of Poly (chloroethene) is?
Ans: chloroethene
14. Brass is an alloy of Cu and ?
Ans Zinc
15. The property of a metal to be drawn into thin wires is?
Ans: Ductility
16. The relationship between Oxygen and Ozone is?
a)Isotope b) allotropes c)Isomers
Ans: Allotropes.
17. Structure of 2,2,4 trimethylpentane
18. Which of this can be used in making perfume ? a) benzene b)ethane c) Ethyl Ethanoate
19. Calculation involving mole, volume and molar concentration
20. Something about the molar solution of a compound…- We’re asked to tell which combination would give us the molar solution
I think the answer was
56g of (Compound) in 1000cm³